2014 Season

Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL), North District DI

  • Drew Barry, Senior, All-District, Attack
  • Adam Riestis, Junior, All-District, Midfield
  • Jake Braselton, Senior, Honorable Mention, LSM
  • Nash Verges, Junior, Honorable Mention, Attack
  • Zach Higham, Sophomore, Honorable Mention, FOGO
  • Kaegan Kumnick, Sophomore, Honorable Mention, Defense

End of the Year Banquet Award Winners

  • Lon Braselton, Lon Braselton Dedication to the Game


  • Most Valuable Player - Adam Riestis, Junior, Midfield and Face-Off
  • Best Offensive Player - Drew Barry, Senior, Attack and Nash Verges, Junior, Attack
  • Best Defensive Player - Jake Braselton, Senior, LSM
  • Most Improved Player - Zach Higham, Sophomore, Midfield and Face-Off
  • Eagle Hustle - Eric Hanna, Senior, Midfield
  • Eagle Spirit - Ethan Schwartz, Senior, Goalie and Ethan Cox, Sophomore, Midfield
  • Eagle Sportsmanship - Drew Byland, Senior, Attack and Kaegan Kumnick, Sophomore, Defense

Junior Varsity

  • Most Valuable Player - DJ Johnson, Sophomore, Midfield and Face-Off
  • Best Offensive Player - Michael Munson, Junior, Attack
  • Best Defensive Player - Cody Sakuda, Junior, LSM
  • Most Improved Player - Hayden Moore, Junior, LSM and Goalie, Tanner Kos, Sophomore, LSM/Defense